Hauteluce (1100m / 2500m)

At the foot of the Mont Blanc, the open and magnificent valley of Hauteluce will show you a stunning landscape, right in the heart of the Beaufortain.. At a height of 1150 m the village of Hauteluce offers the discovery of its pastoral life and of its natural and cultural treasures.




In winter, enjoy skiing areas:
  • At Les Saisies and Espace Diamant, downhill skiing (access by lift from Chozal or by car 10 min) or cross-country skiing (10 minutes by car). The hiking (on foot or with snowshoes) lovers will walk on the ridges with a panoramic viewpoint on the Mont Blanc.
  • On the other side, Hauteluce-Les Contamines      (10 minutes by car),offers a large downhill skiing area facing  the Mont Blanc.

The ski areas are open until the end of spring holidays

Hauteluce en hiver


In summertime you can  hike, ride or mountainbike on waymarked pathes in woods or in mountain pastures through the  richly and variously colored valley of Hauteluce:
-Green alpine meadows carpeted with alpine flora,
- Black Pearl of the Mont Blanc massif
- Clear blue  of rivers and lakes,
- Yellow and red hardwoods and conifers along your way

Régine en costume

Whatever the season, art and tradition, heritage and  local crafts   offer you a rich range of sights to see. Hauteluce is the cradle of the traditional tourism. It will tell you its secrets when you visit its baroque church and chapels , its eco-museum, its traditional farms and when you see its folk group dancing.

Eglise Saint Jacques D'Assyrie

Eglise Saint Jacques D'Assyrie
 The Holy James of Assyrie Church and its onion-shaped town.                                       et son clocher à bulbes

et son cloché à bulbes


Estelle (violon) à la Fête des costumes

 La Fête des costumes

 The costume Fair in the village.




From the terrace or balcony of the chalet, you can see that 180 ° panorama